Voice and Data Services


We provide design, installation, maintenance and testing services for the following types of cabling:

  • Copper voice and data (riser, plenum, and outdoor): Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a
  • Outside Plant and Riser Backbone Systems for Optical Fiber Cables, Multi-pair Copper and Coaxial cables
  • Wireless Point to Point and Point to Multi-Point Access (802.11 a/g/n)
  • Cable Tray Infrastructure Systems and Cable Management Runway.
  • Grounding and Bonding Systems in Accordance to ANSI/TIA/EIA 607 Commercial Building Standards.
  • Alarm and Access Control Wiring, Audio Visual Wiring and Paging Systems.
  • Fiber Splicing, Terminations and Testing in Compliance with EIA/TIA 568B.


Horizontal, riser, and outside plant cabling installations shall be performed using EIA/TIA 568A Commercial Building Telecommunication Cabling Standards. These standards ensure that bend radii, pulling tension and proper distribution of the cables are not exceeded during the installation and routing process. This will increase the performance, longevity, reliability and assurance that for years to come your cabling will not be the source of lost data, voice or video transmission. Our technicians are trained and certified on the specifics for your company's requirements. Tirone Data will carry out all installations with a minimum of disruption to the client's existing system and/or office environment.

Testing & Certification

All CAT 5, 5e, 6 UTP will be tested for conformance to the specifications of EIA/TIA 568A wiring requirements. All fiber will be tested for conformance to EIA/TIA 568A specifications for multi-mode and single mode requirements. Printed certifications of CAT 5 cable integrity will be provided to the customer upon request. If the higher CAT5e or CAT 6 standards are required for certification then all the appropriate hardware needs to be of that standard or higher in order to certify to that standard. Tirone Data can certify to 350MHz if desired. (Additional costs may be required for higher certifications). Tirone Data has the state of the art testing equipment and we make it our responsibility to stay on top of the latest technology.

Labeling & Wire Mapping

A wire map of the premise wiring will be provided to the customer identifying the location and connection to the patch panel or hub. All locations are labeled and checked against the wire map for accuracy and identification.


A fifteen year limited product warranty for the wiring system shall be provided as follows: The fifteen year extended product warranty shall ensure against product defects. All approved cabling components will exceed or meet the specifications of EIA/TIA 568A and ISO/IEC IS 11801 for the specific cable required or purchased and will meet or exceed the attenuation and NEXT requirements of EIA/TIA for loss and bandwidth requirements for copper and fiber for fifteen years. The warranty shall apply to all passive SCS components and shall cover the replacement or repair of defective product (s) and labor for the replacement or repair of such defective product (s) for a fifteen year period.


Tirone Data uses only the highest quality components and materials for the customer's proposed standard requirements. All materials will meet or exceed the proposed specifications to the EIA/TIA or ISO/IEC Category standards.

  • Data UTP/STP/FTP CAT5e, CAT 6
  • Voice CAT 3, CAT 5e, UTP/STP
  • Video Coaxial (RG59 or RG6)
  • Fiber Multi-mode and single mode EIA/TIA-568